Lisduggan sausages
Lisduggan sausages


Our natural-casing breakfast sausages are quite unique because it has the ability to take you back 40 or 50 years, meaning you can taste a sausage the way it used to taste, when it was purely natural, both full of flavour and spice that make you feel alive after eating it.

The pork and black pudding sausages, which have become a particular crowd-pleaser, are made using our traditional recipe but mixed with our wholesome black pudding mix that is house-made.

We have also developed an English-style sausage for the summer market, which is basically a Cumberland-based sausage that is beautifully herby. Our Garlic and Leek Sausages should definitely be included in your barbeque this barbeque season.

Our jumbo natural sausage, which will be added to the market range, is a much bigger sized sausage that was produced with the restaurant market in mind. Our Smokey Dog sausages, which will be released soon, are smoked to perfection and just brings your barbeque to a different level. For those who like it hot, we’ve also produced a Chili Dog sausage that will be sure to hit the spice spot.

We’ve always endeavoured to be different from the rest, and to always provide a quality in our products that can be seen, as well as tasted. Our sausages, when fried, hold their shape and don’t lose any of the flavours embedded in our particular meat mixes. We would like to have everybody’s needs catered for, so that people can have confidence in our brand and be able to associate Lisduggan Farm foods with quality products of unquestionable integrity.


  • Breakfast sausages
  • Jumbo sausages (natural casing)
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Gourmet sausages
  • Pork & black pudding sausages
  • Garlic & leek sausages
  • Smokey Dog Sausages
  • Chilli Dog Sausages
  • Sausage Meat – various flavours
  • Pork and poultry mix (LOW FAT & GLUTEN FREE)
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