Premium Products,
& Smoke House.

With the help of modern technology, we produce our products the old fashioned way, allowing us to retain the unique tastes and flavours of years gone by. We pride ourselves in using a mix of old and new processes to create outstanding products that whet the appetite of our clients at home and abroad. We focus on market wants and needs as they change – minimal fat content while maintaining taste and flavour. Our products include bacon, burgers, sausages, pudding, lamb, poultry and beef.

Trevor Cunningham is a food artisan and perfectionist at heart. He is the heart and soul of Lisduggan Farm Foods, a rapidly growing food producer, based in Waterford.
His passion, along with almost a half century of personal expertise in various sections of food production i.e. Retail, Food Service and Food Processing, is what brings together the delicacies that are offered to customers.
There is a strong sense of value placed on the expertise and trade secrets that have been handed down over generations of the Quinlan family. All of this family passion ensures that the end result created, by Trevor and his team, by its taste and flavour alone, is like stepping back in time.

Lisduggan Farm Foods is devoted to curating and crafting products that have a unique touch of creativity and flavour using traditional methods, with the help of modern technology, thus ensuring an end product of exquisite taste.
Time and care is afforded to each product to ensure that only the absolute best end product is realised.

What We Offer

We are dedicated to producing premium meats.
Our meats are produced in our cutting edge facility in Waterford City.

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Wholesale Meats

We deliver to retail outlets & restaurants.

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Smoke Hub

Smoke Hub

Smoked beef, pork, poultry, lamb, venison.

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Food Shack

Food Shack

Catering and outdoor events.

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Award Winning

Winner of the Great Taste Awards UK, 3 years in a row.

Our recipes and processes stretch back over 6 generations, 100 years, while maintaining our unique tastes and flavours with the aide of modern technology.

100% Irish Meat

All our meats are locally sourced from small Irish farmers. We understand the necessity to remain loyal to local farmers and their produce.

Fully Licenced

Our factory holds a unique license which allows us to diversify with different meat products – beef, pork, lamb and poultry.

Industry Leading

Our products and recipes have won numerous awards over the years. We have the ability to create and produce recipes lasting generations mixing old and new processes.