Over the years I’ve perfected a black pudding that is a little bit different to the normal black puddings that are out there. I use some of my own bacon trim, as well as a little bit of my own smoked pork in it. I use a 90 VL pork trim as well. I cook it and blend it with a seasoning that allows the smoked flavor to come through into the pudding. What I try and do is leave a little bit of coarseness in there, so it’s not emulsified totally, because I think half the enjoyment of these black puddings are the different textures of the different components in it. I also introduced some pearl barley into it, which I cook until soft, but not too soft that it loses its identity. The end product you get is a purely natural type of pudding, not a processed pudding that is bound by the different mixtures that’s in there. When you cut it, before you cook it, you will actually be able to identify the different components that are in there. And again, I pride myself on it. I think in time, we’d like to introduce this to all Lisduggan Farm customers. I will also perfect my white pudding, which again, will be produced in the same way, not to give you a processed-style finish but a finish that you would associate with artisan production which is what we at Lisduggan Farm strive for in everything we do. This is a recipe that was perfected when I was in retail. Twenty-five years ago, I would make my black pudding mix, hand mix it and fill it out in the old fashioned filler. The recipe would have been passed down from my dad’s mother, who in turn would have got it from her grandfather, so it’s a recipe that spans possibly five, if not six generations.


  • Natural rings of black pudding
  • Natural rings of white pudding
  • Black pudding