Another area that we at Lisduggan Farm take pride in is a curing process that is quite unique. Looking at the worldwide market where excess salt has become a red emblem of not being good for your health, we’ve managed to create our own bacon which not only has a low salt content, but also hasn’t lost the colour, appearance, and taste of real bacon.

We produce a wet cure and a dry cure, but what we’re most proud of is our smoking process which is really one of a kind. Any small product that we produce at Lisduggan farm foods will have a zero pH value, which means that it has no fatal carbon or carcinogenic properties. In the worldwide market, smoked products have often been regarded as harmful because of the cancerous, carcinogenic properties that can occur during the smoking process.

At Lisduggan farm, we have a smoking system that is so clean that our products do not retain any pH values. Which means that our bacon product is not only healthy, but totally divine and able to turn any meal into a feast. All Products can be sliced on site and sold in Rasher form.


  • Old-Style Low Salt bacon
  • Dry-Cured bacon
  • Home-smoked bacon
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